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Name: Alyssa

Age: 23

Origin: Paris, France

Current location: Montreal, Canada

Next location: ?



I am a French girl with a scientific background, actually studying engineering. I graduate at the end of the year. I chose this path of career because I like building and crafting stuff from an idea I have in my head.

Growing up in Paris until I was 20, fashion has always been a big part of my life because of how I was exposed to it during my teens. In high school, I was always looking at what other girls were wearing to find inspiration for my next outfit. Because we were in the Latin Quarter, the girls around me all had a unique style matching their personality.

From a very young age I subscribed to fashion magazines such as Glamour, Elle or Grazia. Eager to learn what happened during the week, I read through them as soon as they were in my mailbox. All this freshly acquired knowledge was used from the next day to impress my friends at school. However, fashion being a matter of taste and colors, it didn’t work all the time (lol).

I hope you enjoy reading through my blog.

xo Alyssa

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