I tested for you… The MAC makeup lesson

To be honest, I thought about how it could be great if I took makeup lessons. I am used to paint my face for years (my favorite game as a kid) but I have never learnt how to do it well. Of course, videos flood the internet, but having the opportunity to learn how to put on makeup on your own face – not anyone’s else with other phenotype – is priceless.

After many researches, MAC seemed to be the best option for me : Not far from home, not so much expensive, reputation, etc. So, I planned a meeting for the week after.

On D-day, I was really excited to learn something interesting for once (process engineering and stats, yes, I do talk about you). From the moment I crossed the door, I felt like a child about to meet Santa Claus. He was called Gabrielle, my makeup professional.

After asking me about my routine, and what I wanted to learn, she started bring all the makeup we needed. She really adapted to my wishes, as she asked me at every step which color I preferred or which product I was used to put on my face.

The principle in easy: she put makeup on one side of my face and I try on the other side.

We started with my complexion. The first step was to hide my redness located in my cheeks. She used a mineralize concealer on them and followed with a moisturecover under my eyes to hide the shadows. After that, she applied a powder all over my face and some other, more colored, on my cheeks.

Then, we kept going with my eyes. She used 3 different colors on them. The global shade was plum color, perfect with my blue eyes. After that, we continued with a pen liner, a mascara, and another one for my brows.

We ended with the lips, she put some pencil AROUND my lips to create the illusion I had big ones (lol) and the lipstick inside.

The result was so awesome that I felt like having been touched by some famous guy, I mean, never want to shower again. 

I got a free mascara, the one that had been used or another one, and 20% sale on all the products for one month.

Obviously, this makes us buy Mac products. The makeup artist used many products and tools (brushes, eyelash curler), so, if we want to get the same result at home, these are necessary.

I bought all the products, even the brushes because you can tell a good workman by his tools.

The fact that we have to do the makeup on one side makes it really easier at home, and I suceed on my own.




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