The Liebster Awards

First of all, I would thank Wandwearings for nominating me.

As a nominee, I first have to introduce myself with 11 revelations about who I am.

1. Although my ear do not support costume jewellery, I can not help but buy cheap earrings.

2. I really cannot feel comfy when I wear heels. C’mon girls, tell me your secret!

3. I looooove hats. I have plenty of them, in different size and color.

4. Culinary speaking, I am very complicated. I do not eat vegetables, fish nor seafood. Non exhaustive list.

5. The most amazing shop I have been in? A second hand shop, localized in the Puces de Saint Ouen. It sells really expensive outfits from the 10’s, 20’s. When you go in, you feel like you are on the Titanic!

6. I used to be allergic to sports. It was my pet peeve at school. Now go to the gym.

7. I cannot stand having the same face every day. I try to change my makeup and hair style whenever I can.


Me, in 2012


8. When I was in high school, I said « my first salary will be spent for a Chanel bag ». Actually, it was all spent at the grocery shop…

9. I am still afraid of wearing marine with black.

10. I have the resolution of buying less but more quality. Until I go to H&M or Zara…

11. I « speak » (I should say I have learnt) 5 languages : French, English, German, Spanish, and Italian. And Latine. Lol


Then, Wandwearing who nominated me for this award asked me 11 questions:

1. Why did you start a blog ?

Since I am a child, I am in love with fashion. But, the real reason is that I am leaving France in November. My next location will be Montreal. I know they speak French, but I would like to improve my English as much as possible. Understanding is ok, my weaknesses are speaking and writing. So, that is why I have an blog written in English. Please forgive my mistakes!

2. What is your most favorite thing about blogging ?

I like doing research on the internet, and to be honest, it was an excuse to learn about photoshop.

3. What do you want to do when you grow older ?

I would like to travel with my family, all around the world (Canada, USA, Australia, etc.)

4. What’s your favorite movie ?

Titanic. Yes, I live with it.

5. Where have you travelled to ?

Mainly Europe (London, Barcelona, Vienna, Berlin, Stockholm), but also Marocco and the US (West coast and north-east coast). I know a bit about Quebec too.

6. Karma or destiny?

Karma. Totally. You deserve what you do.

7. What is your guilty pleasure ?

Ice creams from Berthillon

8. Damon or Stefan? Lucas or Nathan? Edward or Jacob?

Who are these ?

9. Tea or coffee ?

None. I told you I was complicated…

10. What is your favorite city ?

I am in love with Paris, New York and London.

11. Which season do you prefer (as related to fashion) ? 

Autumn, with its colored leaves.

Almost there : now, I will have to nominate some other lucky new blogs that I would recommend you to read : Louoh, Freyja, SundayMorning, CeBlog and BasicIsTheMood . That’s your turn !




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