Haul #1 : Zara, San Sebastian

Yesterday, I went to San Sebastian to do shopping in one of the biggest Zara in the world. The new co was out and I needed to buy different things. Patterns are good for the summer, but in winter I prefer to buy more classical and timeless clothes. This is what I found :     ZARA Coat with furry collar ZARA Faux leather skirt ZARA Printed tunic ZARA Striped dress ZARA Loose-fit trousers   Outfits coming soon. Do you enjoy Zara’s new co? xo  

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Winter in New Caledonia

I made this trip last year, during the Austral winter. My boyfriend’s parents used to live there, so that is why we chose to go there. He lived there for three years and accepted to be a tourist guide during these two fabulous weeks. The travel It takes approximatively 24 hours to go there by plane, and often with a transfer in Japan. In our case, we left Biarritz on Saturday morning and caught a plane to Osaka in Paris at 2 PM. It had a technical problem so we had to wait 2 hours  ...

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